Tired of doing the same thing in  love  and expecting a different result?


Romance Reset

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Life During Venus Retrograde​

Join The AstroTwins—astrologers for ELLE and authors of bestselling books on

astrology, relationships and success—to finally write the epic love story you desire!

Don't let old patterns mess up a new relationship.

Let's write a new story.


So you’ve met someone amazing and you’re feeling that honeymoon glow. But still...there’s a gnawing insecurity in the back of your mind. Will the magic last? How long?


At some point, infatuation fades. Maybe you’ll move into what we call the “sweatpants stage.” You know—when you’re finally comfortable enough to let your guard down, pee with the door open and see each other off-duty? 


Or maybe one of you will start to pull away, send mixed messages or get scared...and the spark starts to fizzle out.


How can you keep the romance and mystery alive? Well, it starts with YOU—and a little help from the stars. 


Join us for a 7-day journey and learn to access your sensuality and magnetism at will. Tap into the hidden magic of Venus, the planet of love and attraction.


#Truth: Love isn't a "one size fits all" thing.

Tap into the Hidden Magic of Venus Retrograde ​with us!

From May 13 to June 25, Venus will be retrograde in Gemini, creating a powerful window for miracles.


To access those, the stars want us to embrace the complexities and contradictions within ourselves.


With love planet Venus in the sign of the Twins, you can take a look at how you communicate and cooperate in relationshipsand come to peace with your own inner dialogues and dualities.


Venus retrograde can be a transformational time to review, renew and reflect on love.


Ditch the scripts that don't turn you on—and redesign a romantic life that REALLY works for you.


And! Unlock your own superpowers with our 3 guest experts

Shelah Marie

With her authentic, rebellious & playful personality and  her @curvycurlyconscious

movement, Shelah Marie (Aries) engages an online community of over a quarter million people. Her mission is to create a movement of total self-love and liberation for women of color. She’s the creator of the Curvy, Curly, Conscious movement, where “self help” meets “real talk” and has been featured by NBC, Fox5, Luxe Radar, Black Girl In Om, and Live Civil by Karen Civil among others.

Tracy McMillan

Tracy McMillan (Virgo) is relationship expert, author, television writer, mom and host of the reality show Family or Fiance on OWN-TV. Her viral Tedx talk, “The Person You Really Need to Marry” has almost 14 million views. In 2011, she wrote "Why You're Not Married," which is now the most-viewed article on the Huffington Post ever. From there, Traci wrote the book Why You're Not Married...Yet: The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve.

Gala Darling

Gala Darling (Virgo) is a speaker and the bestselling author of Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams. She has been teaching radical self love — a selection of powerful techniques and tools which help women transform their lives — for over a decade. Her work helps women find their voices, live without fear, and fall in love with life. Gala has joined The AstroTwins as a guest teacher on several retreats

Dive into your weeklong

Romance Reset now!

with The AstroTwins & special guests




The 7-Day Course

Unlock the hidden code of Venus retrograde.

  • Discover which part of your chart (and life!) Venus retrograde will affect—and the unique “love mission” you’ve been assigned until June 25, 2020.

  • Learn the surprising difference between “Earth Time” and “Venus Time”—and how navigating these two romantic time zones can save your relationships.

  • Find out if you born under a morning or evening star Venus—and what this means about your approach to love.

  • Decode your attachment style and overcome intimacy blocks through a blend neuroscience, psychology and spirituality.

  • Craft your ideal partnership, by the stars—and learn how to stay committed to that vision.

Let's put old narratives to bed and birth a fresh approach to love, romance and relationships.


I want to express my gratitude for this class. I’m learning so much and find it’s helping me to embrace parts of myself that I had been rejecting. I was not showing myself the love and acceptance that I crave and was not bringing my full, authentic self to past relationships. Now I can step up and be clear about who I am and what I want.


Wow, wow, wow is all I can say! You ladies are awesome and wise, and you shared so much insight I definitely needed to hear! Bringing light to so many destructive relationship patterns I’ve made over and over again, always expecting different results, but getting burned every single time. It’s only week one and I can’t wait to hear more!

— Alison

It's become my routine to wake up in the morning grab a coffee and see what you all say and share. It's like a little love support group.  Three weeks later I know so much more about myself and about the planets, astrology and charts. It’s just so great to find an answer about love and relationship. I truly wish we could have this space forever!